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Diversity and Inclusion

Discover the benefits to D&I training 

As well as the moral and human reasons for embracing diversity and inclusion there are many business benefits to having a focus here. According to McKinsey "the business case for inclusion and diversity is stronger than ever". And yet the findings in the 2020 report show that there is slow growth in this area with many companies struggling to achieve significant results.

What's more, even when companies are more diverse, many appear unable to cultivate inclusive work environments and therefore may be missing out on the benefits of diversity. 

This demonstrates the importance of keeping this high on the agenda and continually working to improve. We can help support you with consultation and training. We have a range of courses which can be adpated to your organisational needs whether you are just starting out or are well progressed.

Measurable results

You might be interested in how much change has been made when you have completed the training. We offer reporting benefits that have accrued over the course of your inclusivity work and staff training. It outlines changes in recruitment, retention and assessment of diverse employee groups. Please speak with us so we can help you set this up before training takes place.


Recruiting for a Better Balanced Workforce

Speicifically aimed at talent management teams, this workshop covers bias and recruitment techniques at the deepest level to ensure that talent management teams can lead the way.


Interviewing without BIas

A workshop for leaders and HR professionals who interview regularly. The workshop considers the impact of bias across the recruitment process and how to mitigate against it.


Introduction to ED&I

An introductory workshop for new leaders and managers which outlines the concepts around Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

Sexual Harassment and Bullying in the Workplace 


Exploring Banter and Harrassment

Usually these are offered as a module to add to other courses, but they can be run separately on discussion with our team.  

Exploring LGBTQ+ in the Workplace

For everyone who wants to be better equipped to understand the sexual orientation vs gender identity conundrum and explore the key themes around LGBTQ+.  

Anti-Racism in the Workplace

For everyone who wants to be better equipped to tackle racism. We explore what the term
anti-racism means, discuss the impact of bias in the workplace and create action plans to become better allies.


Exploring Disability in the Workplace

For everyone who wants to be better equipped to understand disabilities and their own reactions, and create action plans to become better allies  

Understanding Micro-Inequities

A session for managers and leaders around the impact of microinequities in the workplace.  This workshop can also be run for underrepresented groups such as women - where guidance can be offered on countering inequities.



Privilege and Allyship

For everyone who wants to explore their own privilege an learn tools and resources to be a good ally.