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Soft Skills for Technical People

Making the most of your talent 

There is a new realisation amongst IT managers that their technical people can add versatility and customer satisfaction through augmented personal skills. Top amongst these is enhanced communication skills. For this we use the iMATM communications methodology.   

Impactful, effective communication

With a concentration on Communications Skills, teams can ensure that they maximise every interaction with customers and users. Companies are now dependent on technical teams to meet customer requirements for solutions, software and services and the external face of the company must be able to share information, solicit understanding and comprehend spoken and unspoken needs and requirements.  

Who is this for?

This training is suitable for IT Technicians, IT Professionals, Scientists, Engineers and their leaders. In short, anyone who interacts with clients.

Need something specific?

We are happy to work to your specifications in developing and delivering courses for your technical teams. Contact us and ask for Chrissy on training@tectre.com or on 01484 613724.


Communication skills for technical people

Using the IMATM methodology to ensure that technical teams understand the communication styles of others along with their own, ensuring perfect connections.

Presentation skills for techies

Impactful and confidence building presentation skills training, which is usually combined with one of the other technical-team offerings

Consulting and advisory skills for techies

Thought leadership combined with commercial intelligence to support your client set. 

Technical documentation skills

Terminology, sequencing and readability. Key aspects of creating technical documentation.  Can be combined with other modules.

Improved customer service skills for technical professionals

The importance of stakeholders and how to meet their needs.  Great for help-desk and L1/L2/L3 techies.

Written communications for techies

Responding to tenders and RFPs.  What makes a great sales and marketing document.  Can be combined with technical documentation skillls or with presentation skills.