TECTRE: Passionate About Diversity

Training for Talent Managers

Managing bias to ensure you recruit the best people.

We all want to make good hiring decisions right? We want to find the best people to join our teams. Yet, unconscious biases can often get in the way and affect decison making which then derails talent management efforts. 

Diverse teams and business success

If you’re going to make your talent management decisions more efficiently and rationally you need to be considering your systems and processes as well as training the people involved in recruiting. The link between diverse teams and business success has been demonstrated time and time again so it's crucial that people involved in recruitment undestand how to mitigate against unhelpful biases and embrace diversity.

Our courses are designed to help you focus on this. How can you attract more diverse candidates? How can you ensure your processes are fair so that you can make good decisions? 


Recruiting for a Better Balanced Workforce

Speicifically aimed at talent management teams, this workshop covers bias and recruitment techniques at the deepest level to ensure that talent management teams can lead the way.

Interviewing without BIas

A workshop for leaders and HR professionals who interview regularly. The workshop considers the impact of bias across the recruitment process and how to mitigate against it.

Recruiting and Retaining
Women in Tech

A workshop aimed at supporting companies who want to drive greater diversity in their Engineering teams. Get together to devise strategic direction on attraction and retention. Set your strategy for attracting and retaining women in STEM