TECTRE: Passionate About Diversity


Recruiting for a Better-Balanced Workforce

Recruitment Teams are often at the epicentre of the drive to increase staff diversity within an organisation. Their efforts sometimes seem to fall on stoney ground, so arming them with the facts and tricks to help attract and win a diverse workforce is essential to gaining ground on the competitors for your talented staff intake.  This workshop provides credible research, insights and learning alongside facilitating business planning to ensure to help your recruiting team with activities that will improve gender balance within your organisation. At the same time the workshop facilitates business decision making on recruitment processes for a diverse intake. 

During the workshop your recruiting team will be part of an informative and interactive session which will help improve the diversity of their recruitment pool. Through discussion, debate, exercise, and thoughtful learning on communications and process, the team will be able to identify ways to ensure that you are getting access to the best talent in the hiring market. 

Who Should Attend

This course is aimed at recruitment teams and hiring managers who want to:

  • Understand the implications of unconscious bias for a workplace
  • Explore their own biases
  • Make changes to their organisation to enhance the diversity of the pipeline for succession planning

We normally suggest group size should be no more than 14 to maximise time for discussion and exploration of attitudes.

Course Content

  • Define the key issues for recruiters of unmanaged personal biases
  • List the key points for and against gendered communication and take on an understanding of how to ensure diversity or female friendly recruitment advertising
  • Elaborate on how behavioural science can be used to remove bias from the recruitment process
  • Explore test out masculine and feminine orientated language and debate the initial impression created by typical company websites and communication channels.
  • Make inclusivity personal and actionable within the recruitment process
  • Specific actions will be identified that can be followed through by nominated individuals to ensure improvements to the recruitment process are considered to support implementing change for greater diversity within the organisation

Delivery Method 

This runs as an online or face-to-face course for a specific company.

Course Length

Half day.

Some Pre-Work is recommended.

 Contact Anne-Marie or Gillian for more details by emailing training@tectre.com or call us on 01484 613724