TECTRE: Passionate About Diversity

Training for Leaders & Managers

Leading the way and unleashing potential 

There is no doubt that diversity and inclusion is good for both your business and your people. The role of leaders and managers in driving this forward and ensuring that organisations truly embrace it is central to success.

Inclusive Leadership

Inclusive leaders recognise the value in attracting a diverse talent pool and know how to create an environment where everyone can thrive and grow. They can be difficult to find which is why it's worthwhile investing in the development of your own leaders and managers. We can help them to develop inclusive leadership skills with the goal of realising the full potential of your diverse workforce. 

Our range of courses can help you kick start the conversation at board level, create deeper awareness of unconscious bias and develop inclusive leadership skills. 


Illuminate the Board

A Board level perspective on the impact of bias within the organisation and a look at the strategies which will have a positivie impact.

Inclusive Leadership for Established Managers

A suite of workshops with the development of Inclusive Leadership skills at their core. This programme ensures that managers are enabled to bring the best out of their teams.


Training for Leaders and Managers

A session which will challenge the thinking of managers and executives around bias. Covers the implications for recruitment and retention and managing business and personal change.

Inclusive Leadership for New Leaders

A day workshop to enable new leaders and managers to get started with some basic leadership techniques whilst remaining culturally inclusive.