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Positive Action Campaigns

We'll help you to set targets for diversity and find candidates to fill the roles for you.

Women in


We are techies and can recruit your professional hires for women in STEM

General Recruitment

Use our expertise for other roles where we offer diversity recruiting.

Positive Action Campaigns

In 2011 in the UK the government gave us the right to take positive action to redress the balance of our workforce where we believe we are not representative of the population around us.

For that reason,  if you are a tech team with no women, or a London based team with predominantly white employees, you will be itching to make a change.  Whatever your diversity aims, we want to help you make a difference.

We can talk you through setting targets, if you aren't already working to them, and we can provide diverse slates of candidates for professional hires.  Of course, we will always be happy to hire the students and the apprentices too - but we know -  that you know - that that is the easy bit!

We can also talk you through staff retention for diversity to ensure that you keep those hard-won candidates when there is a danger that they will become a 'regretted loss'. 

Diversity hiring for Women in STEM

Collectively we have nearly a century of working in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths professions. We know what it is like to work as a woman in a predominantly male workforce.

Our networks are huge, and the networks our networks interface with span the world (really!).  

We still work with some of the largest campaigning organisations for women in STEM - we FEEL this!

Let us find you women to fit your professional hires.   

We are particularly interested in working on Women in Tech and Women in Engineering and offer a broad understanding of the roles and skill requirements. 

Recruiting for Diversity

There is a huge amount of research and data to support the fact that well managed diverse organisations and teams are more successful, more innovative and more profitable than homogenous ones. Even if you don't read the findings it would seem logical that the more life experiences, ideas, perspectives you have in a group then the richer the environment, the work and the results.

So how can you embrace this and, more practically speaking, how can you attract talent from previously untapped pools?

We can analyse your current recruitment strategies, train your interviewers, improve your processes and find you potential candidates if you'd like us to.