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Unconscious Bias Training

Online, face-to-face or

self-paced formats, to suit you.  

Research shows that Unconscious Bias training is especially effective when it forms part of an organisation's concerted effort to become an inclusive workplace. 


When teams are hearing the same messaging around bias and inclusivity through internal communications, seeing examples of it in leadership behaviour and if they are experiencing inclusivity themselves, their learning will resonate more deeply.

Training for all

Our training will support you if you have already have an ongoing project and plan. We can also help if you are just starting out. 

Ultimately we help people recognise their own bias and its impact in the workplace with the aim to shift mindset and ensure that your inclusion efforts are not lost through unmanaged but unconscious preferences. 

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Illuminate the Board

Training for board members which covers the strategic implications of bias within the organisation and the projects which might be initiated to counter bias across internal teams.


Interviewing without Bias

A workshop aimed at managers and leaders who interview regularly to help manage bias throughout the process.

Understanding Micro-Inequities

A session for managers and leaders around the impact of microinequities in the workplace.  This workshop can also be run for underrepresented groups such as women - where guidance can be offered on countering inequities.


Training for Leaders and Managers

A session which will challenge the thinking of managers and executives around bias. Covers the implications for recruitment and retention and managing business and personal change.

Lunch and Learn

A flexible lunch and learn session which can be offered to groups of up to 25 employees, offering perspectives on bias in the workplace and at home.


Online Self-Paced Learning

Seven hours worth of online modules and training.  Exercises and modules which inspire and 


Exploring New Ways of Thinking

A workshop which covers stereotypes, the cycle of socialiasation and how we acquire the biases that we use unconscously. The session also covers the implications for the workplace and enabling personal change. 


An open version of 'Exploring New Ways of Thinking' as shown above. Learners will work alongside people from other organisations.

"Excellent, interesting, informative, challenging and fun."

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