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Presenting with confidence 

Clearly technical people need to be able to present confidently and with impact to their audiences whether they are clients or internal groups of users. Many technical people will also be required to train users, both inhouse and/or at customers. Our trainers are also well versed in the art of presenting to both very large and to small audiences. We share training tips, knowledge and build skills with attendees and we can tailor content to suit each client needs. Live video feedback can be added to this course when run on-site for an additional charge.

Who Should Attend

Any technical person who wants to improve their impact as a presenter and ensure their message lands as they intended.

Course Content

  • The power of persuasion. Why is it important that your audience makes a connection with what you are presenting?

  • The art of storytelling, heroes and protagonists taking your audience on a journey

  • Establishing a road map for your audience

  • Delivering the experience - Making figures mean something

  • Sharing your stage space

  • Props

  • Revealing your "Amazing" moment. Rehearse and refine

  • Use of scripts

  • Having fun looking the part

Delivery Method 

This runs as an online or face-to-face course for a specific company.

Course Length

One Day

This course can be combined with Improved Customer Service Skills for Technical Professionals as part of a leadership or professionalism curriculum.  

 Contact Anne-Marie or Gillian for more details by emailing training@tectre.com or call us on 01484 613724