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Building an understanding of your culture and aspirations for inclusivity.

Offering solutions, guidance and positivity along the way.


Training for your teams and leadership.  Flexible solutions to support your current stage of equality, diversity and inclusion provision.


Finding the right candidates and offering practical support for your positive action campaigns around attracting diversity to your team. 


Unconscious Bias

A range of workshops on Unconscious or Implicit Bias which help people become aware of the impact of unmanaged bias in the workplace and support planning for change.

Training for technical teams

Supporting your commitment to customer service by strengthening your technical team's customer communications and consultancy skills.

ED&I for Talent Managment

Training and consultancy for recruitment and talent managment teams which take account of your current state of play and will support your aspirations on inclusivity.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Whether we are building from the foundations to bring about awareness or  working with teams to embed their strategy, we will bring teams up to speed as part of your ED&I project.

Inclusive Leadership Skills

Training for established managers and leaders on inclusive leadership skills.

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28 February 2023

Tectrebites: Microbehaviours and their impact on inclusion in education

FREE 30 minutes webinar - LIVE ONLINE VIA ZOOM

Specifically for those working in Education, join us for a webinar and introduction to Microbehaviours.  Microbehaviours are subtle, commonplace occurrences that can have a huge impact on people and organisations. By understanding what they are, becoming aware of them and adjusting our behaviour we can all have a positive effect on those around us. In this session, you'll learn how to identify harmful microbehaviours, understand the effect they can have on individuals and take away some tools to help you challenge them.

Weds 1st February 2023 4pm

Unconscious Bias Training

29 March 2023

Unconscious Bias - Exploring New Ways of Thinking


Unchecked unconscious or implicit biases in the workplace can lead to poor outcomes for your people, on the balance sheet and can have negative effects on the processes of innovation. 

This workshop encourages exploration about the personal biases we all naturally hold. It also offers space to discuss the impact of bias in the workplace and finding ways to mitigate against them in order to best support your organisation's diversity and inclusion focus. 

Wednesday 29th February 10am - 2pm

ED&I Lunch and Learn

29 March 2023

Tectrebites: Data & Diversity

What you need to monitor and how.

45 minutes webinar including Q&A - LIVE ONLINE VIA ZOOM

Join us over lunchtime to sized look at how data can play a vital role in your diversity planning and progress. Do you feel that you are not making as much progress with your equality, diversity and inclusion objectives as you think you ought to be?

Do you have a handle on your numbers? Monitoring and gathering data is critical to understanding where you are starting from and seeing where your efforts are paying off and where they aren’t.

During this extended version of our "Data and Diversity" webinar we will explore the benefits of monitoring for diversity, how to go about it and outline the powerful insights data can offer

Wednesday 29th March 2023

We have been teaching and training people about Unconscious Bias since the beginning of this century. We regularly speak on the subject to large and small audiences across the UK and Europe and published a book with chapters on Unconscious Bias in 2021.

Women in Tech Book - G Arnold