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Challenging Impostor Syndrome

For women and people from underrepresented groups, Impostor Syndrome really is a ‘thing’. They are aware of a creeping self-doubt which challenges their right to the positions and roles that they find themselves in. Often this phenomenon will prevent them from comfortably aspiring to, and achieving, more senior or more challenging roles. It can certainly limit personal achievements by limiting what individuals believe they deserve or are capable of.

This workshop looks at the societal precursors and building blocks to impostor syndrome. When we have picked it apart, we then share stories and tools for confidence building and break down some of the mythology about impostor syndrome being totally the fault of the holder. Delegates will be equipped with a toolset to help them recognise when their personal confidence is being erroded.

Who Should Attend

This course is applicable to anyone who wants to:

  • Understand the impact of Impostor Syndrome
  • Find ways to combat it within themselves and their teams

Course Content 

  • Be able to describe Impostor Syndrome, how it is created societally
  • Be able to recognise Impostor Syndrome in one’s self and others
  • Pinpoint the causes of Impostor Syndrome within the ‘system’ and reflect on how it is reinforced in order to design strategies to counter it
  • Understand the effect that the Impostor Syndrome has on women and other underrepresented groups
  • Acquire tools and strategies to counter and mitigate Impostor Syndrome in self and others

Delivery Method

This runs as an online or face-to-face course for a specific company.

Course Length

One day.


Contact Anne-Marie or Gillian for more details by emailing training@tectre.com or call us on 01484 613724