TECTRE: Passionate About Diversity



Anne-Marie consults with our clients and organisations to develop training solutions that address their specific needs and help achieve their aims and goals.

Her life long commitment to fairness, diversity and inclusion has driven her to make it her career focus.

She is a Chartered Civil Engineer with over 20 years’ experience and has been a leader in Diversity & Inclusion for over 5 years, starting her journey as the Vice Chair of the Women’s Network in a large engineering company.

Her experience is wide ranging and includes working as a Business Development Manager at the WISE Campaign with focus on increasing the number of Women in STEM, she has spoken at conferences on “The Business Case for Diversity” and delivered workshops in organisations including BASF, Thales, Hanson and Sisk on “The WISE Ten Steps” helping organisations to “Attract, Develop and Retain” women in STEM roles.

A fluent and confident communicator, happily training, facilitating workshops and carrying out consultation. She likes to ask challenging questions and is a natural problem solver and innovator.