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Sexism and Misogyny - Creating Allies

The 'me too' movement created a real understanding of the sexism and misogyny experienced by women in their day to tay lives, both from individuals and experienced as a product of the system around them.

This workshop,  aimed at a single company  works with participants to uncover the systemic and individual ways in which sexism and misogyny present themselves, the implications for the women, and for the workplace culture.  Participants then have the opportunity to map out how things could be changed for the better within the organisation.  

Who Should Attend

We would love to see hiring and assessing managers and leaders on this course.  That is, anyone who has the ability to hire individuals into their team, manage the work outputs of team members, and assess their performance.   We also know that companies might use this offering to collect the worst offenders from their teams with the hope for karmic change.  Members of the HR team who will be working on attraction and retention tactics, policies and procedures might also find this useful. 

Course Content

  • The impact of Sexism for individuals within the workplace
  • Recognising sexism directed at individuals
  • Misogyny and sexism in the 'system'
  • Privilege 
  • Allieship
  • Creating and supporting change within the system

Course Length

 4 hours.

 Contact Anne-Marie or Gillian for more details by emailing training@tectre.com or call us on 01484 613724