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Want to challenge and nurture your teams about diversity? 

Working in DEI we know that we won't have absolutely everyone’s support for what we do, but wouldn’t it be nice if the doubters were in the minority?

  We can make mindset change a reality!

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How long has it been since you really felt your DEI efforts were having an impact?

Gillian Arnold, our founder, is an authority on diversity and specialises in diversity and inclusion in the STEM fields.  We work with technology, engineering and construction companies to help them deliver effective programmes around culture change for diversity. 

Gillian is extensively published in HR online magazines and edited and wrote the book "Women in Tech: A practical guide to increasing gender diversity and inclusion".  

Gillian usually trains our board level groups but can be requested for training other teams.

"We have found the Tectre team to be really helpful with down to earth, practical advice and delivering engaging training to a wide variety of audiences." Claire Dracup,  Director of People and Culture, Workspace

Isn't it time that your company's efforts on diversity really hit home?

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